Feeling Philosophical

Claudia Blood

Sometimes I am so myopic that the grains of sand look like boulders.

Think about that for a second.   I get so focused on the minutia, that small stuff becomes bigger, harder, and immovable.  A permanent fixture in my life.

Generally, I am a glass full, there’s silver lining, make it have a purpose kind of gal.  I acknowledge the things that have a high probability of happening and do my best to sway the odds the way I want them to go.  But shit does happen.  I write stories about the stuff I don’t want to happen and I find a way to give them a happy ending.

Recently my sister died.  That knocked me back and forced me to look at things differently.  I view this as a good thing.  Not my sister’s death, but the chance to reset and take stock of where I am.  The…

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