One of the most important lessons life teaches us all is that your struggles develop your strengths. It is the only way to go about it, actually.
Strengths develop over time, they develop by you overcoming obstacles and solving problems.

Which begs the question: why do people run away from their problems? Why not face them? Why deny they exist? Why put the blame on other people?

Well, for once: it can be a frustrating process.

I remember when I first started writing. Fourteen years old, I thought I was phenomenal. Most folks who read my stuff said I was either a retard or fourteen years old. I was both. Kinda.

The truth of the matter is that I had to overcome this obstacle: what people thought of my writing.

And I had to keep writing…

And I had to do the work when I didn’t feel like it, or it felt as if the story wasn’t going anywhere. I wrote during the bad days, when I thought that at best I’ll be mediocre, and at worst, I’ll be complete failure.

We are works in progress.

I cannot stress this enough.

Write it down. Put it against a wall. On your fridge.

You are a verb, not a noun.

You can overcome struggles and become stronger than you used to be.

Anything is survivable, as long as your heart beats…

That is the right mindset to have when going through life.

Will it be easy?


Will it be worth it?

Like few other things in life.

For there is no greater satisfaction than being able to do what previously was impossible.


17 thoughts on “Struggle/Strength

  1. You know, the struggle is the frustration and it does become incredibly exhausting, emotionally and often times physically. I know this 1st and, I gave up once, yeah I did, tried to commit suicide, the kind were U don’t tell anyone anything, U wait to be alone and for once in that moment in time, there is a fleeting spark of happiness in the knowing that it’s finally over.
    Yes and I also know the running away part too, the reasons we all know very well, because they are buried in a place that our minds have protected us from. The problem is, we never recognize the self destruction happening within and from without of our selves. One thing I have learned is, and I can only speak for myself is, I could have never survived and overcome my demons without help, that’s why I really believe we are all here to help each other in one fashion or another, it can be in little ways that one would never even notice, but it’s effect is as a ripple in a pond.
    Until U can find your center and feel satisfied with it and be in love with it, I believe that I finally figured out the sound of one hand clapping, sound very silly but once you know it, you “know” it 🙂

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  2. Many times we feel like giving up, I know I do, and I was feeling like this just few moments ago.
    There is this cycle that goes into gaining strength from struggle – it starts from fully inspired to do things , then go to people not supporting you, then comes the struggle to overcome each barrier alone, and then giving up at one point. But this is not the end, because then the need to survival comes and a strange strength overcomes us.
    It is great to be supported by others but it is better if we rely on ourselves more.

    Thank you for this blog, this was what I needed at this moment 🙂

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  3. Cristian, it has taken maturity for me to realize that taken action, any action is better than making a mistake and that not taking those required steps only makes matters worse. That hasn’t altogether stopped me from avoiding things and there are things I don’t even try to overcome but others where that knowledge encourages me to act.
    I think fear underlies all of this. it takes us captive and throws away the key until we own our issues and fight back.
    I am very tired so I hope that makes sense.
    xx Rowena

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    • Hello Rowena, UR correct about fear, it can be the mind killer, where it makes it easier just to stay put exactly where you are at any given moment. Funny thing though about fear sometimes. it can actually work in your favor in times of a crisis.

      It can keep one alive by elevating UR natural senses, and if you can control it, it can give you incredible strength at times.

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  4. I like this “the right mindset to have when going through life” a lot of times we often get this message mind over matter…are we able to overcome it? The right mindset is required and once you get it, yes I agree we are stronger. This comes to work as well, politics is absolutely a negative element, just do what is right for the organization, ignore the politics and productivity will definitely increase, yeah!


  5. This is really motivating. A lot of the time I get suicidal thoughts and I always remind myself : if I kill myself what am I going to accomplish? I can’t give up.
    And that drives me on. I think this will really help.

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