The first rockstar


7 thoughts on “The first rockstar

  1. Not to be a smartass here but I was with a girl that was a narcissist, and you said at the end something about self absorb and not care what other people think. To the contrary, narcissist by their own nature is true that they only care about themselves but every thing that happens to them is the fault of this person or the other or society or the universe, they never admit their guilt, so they are constantly thinking about others to blame their fucked up decisions. So in quite a lot of way they do look to the outside instead of inner part of themselves. I could go on to explain it a bit better but this can turn into a dissertation paper, and in my experience having been with this nutcase narcissist and also symptoms of sociopath….. fuck that.

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  2. I’m not sure I agree. Just because you are self-absorbed doesn’t necessarily lead to creativity. Someone once told me that to get over a fear of speaking you just have to focus on what you’re talking about as you give a speech. So-focusing on the purpose or passion you have for a subject versus how it will be received. Because can’t you ignore what people think and just revel in the act of creating without being self-absorbed? This reminds me of a study they did linking sorrow/sadness to increased creativity in artists. (It’s on Wired Magazine). I think this would also hold true for Oscar Wilde as well since he had a rough life. Basically what if it was the suffering in his life– not necessarily his self-absorbedness that made him more creative?

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