Weekend Super Sale: 127K Followers

Hi guys,

Today we reached 127,000 folks on this blog. Amazing. A small city. Or something.

Anyways, to celebrate I am hosting a special sale this weekend.

First off, the reblogs:

Reblog – $24.99 – $9.99 Do you have a WordPress.com blog? Have you written a piece you’d want everyone to read? Now you can have your content reblogged to an audience of over 127, 000.

You can purchase here.

Two Reblogs – $39.99$14.99You can purchase here.

Also, The Book Bundle is only $69.99, down from $99.99. You can purchase here.

And, the big surprise… the Mentorship Program is only $149.99, down a hundred dollars. If you want to know everything there is to know about blogging, this is the way to go. You can purchase here.

*Offer expires Sunday night

** All payments secured via PayPal. You can purchase as many reblogs as you like and use them when you need to.

***Funds will be used to help with my medical bills, finding a new place to stay, and other ongoing projects.


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