So, today I had the surgery. It went kind of badly. They couldn’t save my molar, so implants are needed now. I want to ask for a second opinion.

You know those movies when the character gets sick and some member of the family say they should go to the best doctor possible, regardless of the cost?

Well, that’s how it should be. It makes sense now.

It’s not being a snop. It’s almost a necessity.

When it comes to health, some one else’s incompetence might cost you dearly. More than money.

The best dentist here in Constanta costs $220 just for an apppointment. He’s also twice as expensive as the rest…

I can barely afford the one I am seeing rigth now.

The next part of the treatment, root canal treatment on the other side is expected to cost aproximately $600. And I am expected to come up with this amount by the end of next week.

Oh, and the advance needed to rent an apartment is somewhere between 600 and 1000 dollars. And I’ve got 13 days to come up with that money, if I do not wish to live on the streets.

So, if you’d like to help me out, with any amount you see fit, you can donate via PayPal here.

Any amount is much appreciated.

Also, you can take advantage of this weekend’s super sale here.


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  1. Sorry to hear that. Hope you get your treatment done. If it’s costing you that much, why don’t you try getting it treated in a country where the cost of treatment is low.
    There are countries like India which provide high quality treatment at lower prices.


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