How I created the ISS, the International Space Station is my Baby!

design of ISS taken off web, creation of many people many countries coming Peacefully together.

How I created the International Space Station in 1983.

A $2 investment in the human beings survival, created a BILLION DOLLAR OBJECT, employing thousands in several countries, 7 countries or more WORKING IN PEACE FOR 34 YEARS, and NO WEAPONS PLATFORM, that is seen from just about any place on the planet that Human beings live. Inspiring humans to reach beyond themselves and be “ONE PEOPLE & ONE PLANET in HARMONY…

UPDATE 20170720: Wow, I GAVE the World $1 TRILLION USD$$ in income!

OK, so some lighter more fun stuff to think about. (excerpt from an email to my son)

I did some thinking and figured out that my invention of the International Space Station with some 15 countries involved has produced about a $1 TRILLION USD income for the planet.

Yes that is right, $1 TRILLION US…

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