Avoiding reality… and why it’s so popular


From Game of Thrones to the trend of vampire novels, post-apocaliptic stories, hard sci-fi, cyberpunk, steampunk and all other genres, we’ve fast become addicted to science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Why such a departure from what “normal” looks like?

Maybe because normal kinda sucks?

Maybe because almost every specie on this planet dreams for the purpose of avoiding reality? Of filtering the stress dealt to its central nervous system during the day?

Maybe we want to escape normal…

Maybe we all secretly(or not so) wish to live in an entirely different world than the one we live in.


Maybe we hate the rules that keep this universe in place and wish to live in one ruled by different laws.

Or maybe we want to be different.

Super heroes.

We wish for greatness…

Eternal life?

Super human speed, strength, endurance?

What else?

A simpler world?

One without all this…

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4 thoughts on “Avoiding reality… and why it’s so popular

  1. Your post made me just a little sad, friend. Life is what we make it. Perception is everything. Choose to see beauty! Perhaps we like to escape only to find ideas about how better to open our eyes to the beauty that is here, before us, every minute. 🙂


  2. As we grow, we tend to develop on matters of avoiding stress and depressions in life, some to the extreme of avoiding the reality of life. In todays world, we are all connected through the social media and other connecting platforms, It makes the world we live in smaller, making reality a common element. As humans it is only natural, our brain try to seek for a situation, a world, a place, where we would feel is more than reality but normal, and that is a world of adventure, a world sci-fi and magic, a world without rules, a world without pain and regrets, a world of freedom, a world or peace, a world where everything is possible.

    Good post by the way, and nice insights.


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