Screw you Haiku


On Mondays I like to allow myself a little more freedom from the discipline of the more structured writing schedule that I have set for myself and simply do something stupid. I normally like to dabble with general fiction, science fiction pieces or things you might find touching. Not on Monday. Monday I like to be a bit different.

I have always found the Haiku a most serious and intimidating thing. The challenge of packing emotive imagery into 17 syllables is quite a test, which is perhaps why they seem such daunting things to me. A limerick on the other hand is quite the opposite, filled with such joy and whimsy as they are they feel in many ways quite the opposite of the Haiku.

I shall attempt to write some haiku that are not serious but hopefully still emotive . Sorry if there seems to be a rather childish…

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2 thoughts on “Screw you Haiku

  1. Yes its really difficult to compose haikus, especially that you have to shorten it up to 17 syllables, though some contemporary poets do not conform to this tradition anymore. Sometimes they make it shorter, or a bit longer than usual. They believe that what is important is to be able to relay your mood, keeping with simplicity and right usage of words.

    So yeah, screw haikus. 😂🖋📝❤️


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