The Parts That No One Claps For

Greatness is not a singular moment. It’s not the punch that knocks out your opponent, not the penalty kick, not the moment you deliver the acceptance speech for your Nobel Prize…

Greatness is not the world record breaking sprint…

Greatness is not what others see…

It’s all the parts that lead up to that sprint or punch or kick…

The parts that no one claps for.

The parts that most people don’t even want to consider doing.

Writing for an audience of five…

Getting ten views on YouTube.

Selling a book a month.

Those parts.

Doing stuff when it feels pointless.

When you’re too tired.

When you’re angry.

When all you want to do is give up.

First month of self-publishing? I sold 3 copies of a short story, earning $1.05 before taxes. First month of blogging? I got five hundred views total, even though I was blogging daily. Oh, I forgot. My first blog… I actually deleted it after 3 posts and no comments or views whatsoever. Because, why? Took me six months to reach 100 subscribers on YouTube.

Whenever you feel like asking what’s the point to doing something, think of your goal.

Just think of what you are trying to achieve.

And realize that you’ve got to do it. Can’t have glory without guts. Can’t have success without sweat, blood, and tears.

It’s just how it goes.

It’s why most people are never successful.

Because of the boring parts.

Because of the parts that no one claps for.

Because they want to be great, but never want to suffer for that greatness.


23 thoughts on “The Parts That No One Claps For

  1. Mr. Mihai, it’s a nice article. But you’re a bit off from the truth.
    The real success is the suffering.
    That’s what makes us who we are.
    Trust me, once everyone hears the resounding sound of your success, they’ll be too busy having their mouths open wide in awe that they’ll forget to clap.
    Don’t succeed for the claps.
    Do it for your loved ones.
    Do it for your scars.
    Do it for your pain.
    Do it for you.

    Hope this helps. :)

  2. This is so so so so true. There’s literally no overnight success. It is the grinding of daily lives for 10 years that lead to overnight success. And this is the part that is so tough that majority of the people give up.

  3. You are courageous for admitting what we all in social media era fear for: that we never get those hundreds of thousands of likes and views and follows. I am struggling with the same thing. I barely get noticed for what I do. That also makes it super hard to get employed for real because now-days it actually matters if you are making it big online. I wish you well.

  4. Thanks for that. I’m at a point in my life where I’m starting many things, mu blog is but one of them, and that’s exactly what I needed to read. Sometimes it’s hard to keep going, specially when everything arounds seems to be working against you.

  5. I needed to see this today. My son has run me into the ground. He’s autistic and has been truly on a mission to chip as much of my sanity away over the last week. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Absolutely love this. Successful people are successful because they do consistently what most people do occasionally. Thanks for sharing! I would be curious what you did to start getting more views/followers.

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