Let’s show a little respect!


img_1889.jpg  I’ve been privileged to spend some time in Italy lately.  A little in the south, a little more in Tuscany and a little on the “Italian Riviera”.  It started as a sightseeing trip:  see the landscape, the old cities, the ruins, the shops, the Italians.  Then some things happened.  I am not going to go into them all, however, I do want to share some events from one day.

First some backstory.  I was raised in a mid-western Christian tradition.  As I grew older, went out in the world, saw more, learned more; I began to question.  Gradually, to me, churches became little more than artifacts of a system which has failed to appropriately respond to too many of the realities of the world around it.  Too many meaningless or hurtful doctrines.  Too many arbitrary rules.  Too many judgments upon people whose lifestyles do not conform to someone else’s…

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