The Mummy, King Arthur, and why critics aren’t always right


The world of art is a strange one: some folks get paid to be haters. Let me rephrase that: some folks, who never held a brush or took it upon themselves to write a book or shoot a movie, get paid to be haters.

In any given field, you are required to walk the walk, so to speak, in order to be considered an expert.

Imagine some guy being considered an expert in quantum mechanics for reading Q&A’s on Quora. And a couple Wikipedia articles.

That being said, critics aren’t always right.


Because they belong to a group of people who like to take themselves way too seriously.

I watch a lot of movies. I read books. Listen to music. I even collect paintings and drawings. And I do all this with the sole purpose of entertaining myself. To amuse myself a bit. To escape reality. Sometimes art…

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5 thoughts on “The Mummy, King Arthur, and why critics aren’t always right

  1. Most film critics have a film background (a degree in the subject area or have read up on film/media studies) and experience concerning the technical aspects of film. To write this off and say that they’re “haters” shows that the author doesn’t know much about film criticism and also assumes all critics have a unanimous opinion. Is there sometimes a divorce between popular opinion and the one critics have? Sure, but that’s bound to happen since people have varied tastes and levels of knowledge about film. There are many movies I love that critics hate and vice versa, but I also don’t look at them as some type of enemy when I disagree.


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