Before too late…

Imagine the few moments before your death. The few moments when your whole life will flash before your eyes. Is it worth watching?

Odds are that you’ll feel regret. All the “what ifs” that can no longer be acted upon, all your broken dreams and hopes and ideas. All the happiness that you could’ve created. All the help you could’ve given others.

The stories you could’ve written, the people you were too proud or too scared to love, all the moments when you kept quiet or walked away.

Every single thing you ever gave up on.

That’s what’s going to flash before your eyes.

Because you kept that fire inside you…

You kept your light to yourself…

You let other people talk you out of your dreams. You let their own fear infect your soul.

You let the world make you bitter…

And on your deathbed, you realize. You finally get it…

That you wasted so much time wishing you were someone else, so much time waiting for things to be handed to you on a silver platter. All this precious time, trying to run away from your problems, begging this cruel world to just leave you alone.

To all this, I have these words to say: the life you want has to be conquered. The future you think you deserve has to be won.

One battle at a time.

One day at a time.

It’s easy to sit in bed and dream about the perfect life, but there will come a time, usually when it’s too late, when dreaming won’t be enough anymore.

Act now, before it’s too late.


4 thoughts on “Before too late…

  1. We are born into this material world toothless, vulnerable, dependant and having to wear diapers. We leave this world full circle, exactly as we came into it, toothless, vulnerable, dependant and having to wear diapers.

    It’s what we do in-between that determines if the body just corrupts and turns to dust, ceasing to exist for all Eternity, or if the Spirit we discovered in Living advances to the next Dimension.

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  2. Well said. Determination and drive mean a lot, but I’ve always worried more about the ‘whos’ of my life than the ‘whats.’

    I like to say, “Live your best truth.” Being a short order cook is nothing to be ashamed of if you’re good at it and enjoy the work.

    If you live well, smile often, and are kind to the people around you, I’d like to think you’ll have no real regrets. Maybe you’ll feel a little remorse that you never, say, went to Rome, or wrote that book, but a life of accomplishment and grandeur means little if you celebrate alone. So yes, by all means, get out and do all you’ve dreamed, but be sure to love along the way.

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