The Journey: A no-bullshit guide to blogging

“Those who can do, those who can’t teach.”George Bernard Shaw

The so-called expert loses all credibility the moment he decides to ignore this profound truth: he doesn’t really know what he did to achieve his success.

Not the opening you were expecting?

Life has the quality of being random, which we hate(that is why most people are superstitious.) There are events that we cannot control, predict, or even influence.

That being said, if you choose not to read this book, let me give you one piece of advice that holds true: perseverance.

Is that all, you may ask. Yes, it is.

In my five years of daily blogging I discovered that even though one has no strategy, no knowledge, no relations, but works and works and works, one can usually get ahead of those who contemplate the perfect strategy over and over again.

Don’t think, just do is a principle that holds true in all areas of life.

And I’ll offer the following example: the first draft of any piece of fiction is awful.

The purpose, thus, is not to write a brilliant first draft, but to simply get it done with. Then you can edit.

The same principle goes for almost anything in life. It is important to get started, to develop a habit, then you can develop a strategy.

The Journey is a no-bullshit take of what’s supposed to work for those who are willing to persevere, while the previous statement makes it clear that they could do well enough without employing(or even reading) the principles found in this book.


Guys, I am excited to announce the Journey.

I do not like the term “guide” but I had to use it in my title. What I do like to tell you is this: the book is helpful. I put a lot of effort into giving you “no-bullshit” advice. What I mean by that? Stuff that I know works. Common sense that may not be so common. Insights and inspiration. The right kind of mindset. Developing the habit.

Launch date? The first of September.

Special offer: those of you who pre-order the book will receive a free criticism of your blog.

The Journey: A No-Bullshit Guide to Blogging, only $4.99 on my e-store here.


13 thoughts on “The Journey: A no-bullshit guide to blogging

  1. This tots resonated with what I have learnt over the last 1.5 years! No one really knows anything. Some people are just reacting some are proacting(?) and the rest are watching hoping to find something that is easier than work work work.

    PS loved the mini take on superstition!


  2. It is a fact. I was in real estate many years ago and I overthought it, the legal aspects of it especially, to the point of immobility. My broker saw that and knew what I was doing and pointed it out, but what drove it home was a new agent who came into the office and went at it as though she were putting out fires. In no time, she had tons of sales and listings. At one point she was threatened with a lawsuit . She figured out real quick how meticulous I was about my contracts (my broker may have mentioned it) and sweetly asked if I would look them over before submitting them!!! She was making the big bucks and I was doing the work. I did it a few times, (she was very sweet) but soon after a bigger company saw what a go-getter she was and wooed her over. Over time, she improved. The moral of the story is you just have to get off your kiester and just go for it.
    thanks for the pep talk.

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  3. Cristian, Just a note to say I like what you say, and how you say it. You have the experience, that I wish to build on and just make things interesting. I know that I am all over the page, with my posts, yet in my defence, I am not stuck in one realm that keeps me centered to focus.


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