Do what you love, love what you do

When I first started blogging over five years ago I had no idea what I was getting myself into. None. But I knew this: it was going to be cool. Epic. People from all over the world would be moved by my words, I’d have a platform to sell my novels, it would be awesome. More than awesome.

But I had absolutely no idea what to blog about. What does a writer blog about? Let me rephrase that: what does an aspiring twenty year old writer blog about? Writing? Does he pass advice he got from others? Does he write flash-fiction?

I reviewed books.

But I soon realized that I’m not a big fan of doing that. I do not have the patience to descriptively praise or criticize some other writer’s stuff.

I had a problem. I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t know what to do to get it.

Because, you see, there’s this thing we, humans, do. We want the victory, but not the struggle.

Most people would like to be rich and famous. They’d like to be rock stars or movie stars. They’d love to have a blog and write about their thoughts and ideas and receive thousands of comments.


That is the reward. The rich & famous part. The admiration of others.

We all want the reward, but few are willing to do what it takes to receive it.

That is why, as terrible as this cliche may be, it is important to do what you love. To follow your passion, so to speak.


Because until you form a habit of blogging, all you have is passion. All you have is determination and discipline. The excitement of embarking on a strange and perilous journey.

It wasn’t until I realized what my passion was that I could blog daily and enjoy it. I am a sucker for art. My walls are covered in paintings and drawings, even though I cannot draw a straight line. Even with a ruler. My body is covered in tattoos. My shelves are lined up with hundreds of books.

I wrote about that. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I wrote about art and inspiration and then I realized I enjoyed writing about life and its intricacies and problems and all that. I also loved motivating and inspiring others, so I blogged about that as well.

So, the number one rule: Do what you love.

Ask yourself if blogging is what you want. If you believe in the power of your words and stories and ideas.

This is not about skill, but about will.

It’s not about having what it takes, but about being willing to do what it takes.

In this case, it means staring at a computer screen for quite a lot. Sometimes you’ll feel like giving up, for no words come out of your brain. Other times it means pouring your heart out, and no one notices or cares or even bothers to leave a simple comment.

You’ve got to enjoy the journey, the process of blogging.

This will sustain you for as long as it takes to form the habit.

So, the first thing one must do before creating a blog is to find one’s passion.

What excites you?

What makes you feel alive?

It could be art, it could be photography, it could be gardening, barbecues, or sky-jumping. Whatever it is, you need to write about that.


Because that’s what you love, duh. And because you love it, there’s a chance someone else does too. No man is an island, so that passion of yours developed because other people have been loving it before you.

We are not as unique and special as we like to think.

Find your passion.

Do what you love, love what you do. The first step when it comes to blogging.


Guys, I am excited to announce the Journey.

I do not like the term “guide” but I had to use it in my title. What I do like to tell you is this: the book is helpful. I put a lot of effort into giving you “no-bullshit” advice. What I mean by that? Stuff that I know works. Common sense that may not be so common. Insights and inspiration. The right kind of mindset. Developing the habit.

Launch date? The first of September.

Special offer: those of you who pre-order the book will receive a free criticism of your blog.

The Journey: A No-Bullshit Guide to Blogging, only $4.99 on my e-store here.


17 thoughts on “Do what you love, love what you do

  1. Well this was an inspiring post to start my morning! Thanks for sharing that. It’s what I’ve been trying to do the last year or so…do what I love to do (on my blog, in my stories, in my art…). Not always easy, especially when it feels like no one notices or cares (and your not sure how to get people to notice). But lately I’ve found just by doing that I am happy. And that’s the real success. Being happy with your life and doing what you love!

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  2. Quite much like my life. The time I am reading your blog was a situation I just got into before the notification of ur post was received in my mail inbox. I am just asked about my decision of life by my father. My answer is clear but i did not give that answer to him fearing the consequences. Soon the title of your blog reminded me that from last 3 years I am working on my final decision and keep writing it down in my diary motivating myself. But as I was questioned my senses got paralysed about my answer. But as u say Do what you love. So I am sure now that if I love it I have to ‘do’ it. Just writing isn’t sufficient. We have to do it. I have to do it.

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  3. That’s awesome mate! I’m a sort-of new blogger. I have been blogging off and on. And this is my second blog. I got disappointed in my first one where noone read my poems. But I decided to restart it. I started posting my thoughts and ideas and opinions along with some poems every once in a while. I hope I can get a bit of the recognition I crave hopefully. But even if I don’t, these days I just feel happy about posting something every once in a while. Thanks for sharing your story! I can now draw inspiration from it!

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  4. Hey Cristian, I don’t know of another way to get your attention except maybe here, I have emailed you 4 times about my $24.00 that I paid you for reblogging my article, and I know I don;t have to re-send the link, I already know You have it.

    This is quite unprofessional to ignore a paying customer, I have a lot of patience but it is not limitless, I would rather work this out with you first than querry my complaints with either wordpress or Amazon, your choice.

    You can simply explain to me what is wrong or how this works or what ever, but I need some kind of explanation.

    Thanks David H Haffner Sr.


  5. This was a really great post!! Such a great motto to follow in life! As strange as it seems though so many people have a hard time connecting with their passion. Our society likes people to follow the herd. You can understand society’s view when you realize that a herd with passion is a stampede! LOL! Really great advice and motivation.

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  6. Thank you. I wasn’t sure what to do with my blog but discuss things related to myself and have only recently started posting daily. I’ve been using the “word of the day” as a motivator. I’ve been secretly creative writing but it’s on copyrighted material because – HA! – I didn’t like the way the series ended. That series ended about THREE YEARS AGO. I didn’t post it here out of fear of the “legal eagles” coming after me. But I just started to open up more on the creative side and I think I need to do as you suggest: figure out what it is that I love, that I crave. I can only talk about myself for so long. I’m not sure how to gain that support but, that’s what you guys are here for, right? Thank you for this wonderful post.

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  7. Hello there!
    I just happened to be searching for new flash fictions to read and somewhere your lovely post popped up on my feed. I did not think I needed this message; how thrilled, honored, and ecstatic that I did find it. Your post and reflection were powerfully stated, quite full of personality that perhaps shows off who you are as a writer (and a person, that almost goes without saying lol), and I can see why you’re still blogging/writing five years down the line. I agree with you: it’s not about the likes and the comments and the platforms because that is the reward (I do not think I could have ever stated that any more perfectly. Well done!!) and it’s something many a writer struggles with comprehending.
    I do believe this is a post I will have to return to and appreciate more than once. Thank you for sharing! :)

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  8. Thank you for this, I am a baby blogger, in my second month and I’ve been struggling to find topics. I realised quite quickly that despite my intentions to blog about my journey, it could be about so much more. I’m pulling in from the world around me and narrating in my own voice. I hope in 5 years I will have kept going and learned more about myself and the world around me


  9. Very true. I have struggled on my blogging journey of the last 9 years, and have changed themes at times. A few years back, I figured out that i liked people, photography, travel, and combined these into my blog : . I don’t know how I am doing, but I am sanguine that I am enjoying it very much. I try to transform mundane happenings into events and experiences, and it often works !!


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