What’s your system?


City with QMSystems: family, community, national, political, governmental, religious, industrial, military…even musical, intellectual, artistic. We all live among them. Some we belong to, subscribe to. Some of these we internalize, as if it were a part of us. When we do so then we become like cells within the body of that system. Via the reality of our mind we more than identify with the system we have joined with, we feel what it feels, what affects it affects us. To a greater or lesser extent, we tie our future to that system. Sometimes systems can, via the sheer number of their subscribers, have great influence, great power in the world. People, individuals, are, collectively, what make or break a system.

However, we, as individuals, are all separate functioning systems ourselves. The system which we are, which is “me”, is made up of components which include aspects which are corporeal (flesh, muscle…

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