Book Review: We Don’t Look Like We Hurt

Olivia Shepherd is brave. Why? Because she has the courage to write about one of the issues we try our best to deny its very existence, let alone its impact on our community.

This book is a statement. Depression is an issue that requires the help and support of others. Like they say, the first step in solving any problem is recognizing you have one.

But people keep trying to deny the fact that depression is a real issue. It is not feeling a bit sad, it is feeling hopeless, futureless, powerless.

And, if that wasn’t enough, the stigma surrounding this issue forces these same people to put on a mask and pretend everything’s fine. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who’s open minded enough and wants to understand the issue, but even more so, by those who themselves are struggling with depression.

The author(visit her blog here) does a wonderful job at offering valuable insight into the struggles faced by those who are depressed.

Highly recommend this book!

You can find it on Amazon here.


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