Gone, Baby, Gone

Very Vocal Viking

Two little dolls made me cry today.

Little Miss Thing is having a birthday party tomorrow. The big seven. She’s a sassy 2nd grader, enjoying all the perks of being a Big Kid. She’s reading the Harry Potty books. She’s losing teeth every couple of weeks. She’s developed a keen fashion sense. Mostly she doesn’t ask for help reaching the kitchen cabinets anymore, which makes her feel grown up.

We have the kids clean out their rooms right before birthdays, giving their older toys to Goodwill. We like that it keeps down the clutter. The kids like that their old, forgotten toys move on to new kids who will love them.  It’s always a difficult process, but they choose very carefully. Who better to know which toys have passed their prime?

Flashback to two years ago this week, when we were in Florida at Disney World. Our kindergartner turned five in the…

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