Is Your Life Begging for a Re-design?

Cultivating Connection


I remember that feeling: of a life so heavy with responsibilities and commitments that I didn’t have the time or energy to engage in sorely needed self-care, much less figure out how to make a lasting shift.  That was overwhelm.

I also remember the feeling of my subsequent phase, wondering if I was making the right move and trying to forge a new path, as I transitioned away from my corporate job and into the unknown of full-time self-employment, free of defined structure and a stable income. For a while I was feeling a little lost.

These memories all came tumbling back when I recently attended a weekend workshop called Designing Your Life for Women, facilitated by Stanford instructors Kathy Davies and Susan Burnett in Asilomar.  Can I first just say how great it was?! We were 47 women in a beautiful setting on the California Coast learning about…

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