The World Fire

Dappled light danced across Vivian’s face, a hypnotic electric blue. She’d traveled long and far to get here, to the ends of the Earth and back. So much pain. So much loss. Time had passed her by as she wandered the darker passages of the world, until everyone and everything she’d ever known was dead.



7 thoughts on “The World Fire

  1. Please excuse my ignorance on how things work here on wordpress, but I am still new and have much to learn.

    I’m confused as to why I see this writing here as Cristian’s piece, and as Jeff Coleman’s piece when I click on “read more” here or on the reader. Cristian, are you promoting a fellow writer, or a pen-name perhaps? Is this a reblog and I simply don’t understand how it works?

    It’s a genuine question.

    Be well, all.


  2. That’s a beautiful, powerful piece you shared with us, Cristian. Thank you dearly for this, as all knowledge does come with a sacrifice. This story is an instant love of mine. It was a great joy to read.

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