Good Government is Possible: Just like a great car or a good marriage

The RAW Writer's Block!

But You Have To Know What Most People Don’t

And Believe It Can Happen!

Did you know?

    1. Our US congress can tell the US Supreme Court they do not have jurisdiction on certain issues, like what is marriage, or when life begins? “…the supreme Court shall have original…(&) appellate Jurisdiction,…with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.” Article III, Section 2, 2. It’s in the Constitution.
    2. The Congress has done that in just recent history but only to stop Supreme Court rulings on western state brush fires so the states can not be overridden!
    3. Judges who “legislate from the bench” can be impeached for “High crimes and misdemeanors”. ?Article II, Section 4, end.  Even lower gov’t levels can pass laws that say, “Judges who make rulings based on opinions or case law that are not based on the intended meaning of legally…

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