Focus. The ability to do what has to be done, even when you don’t feel like it.
To do the work.

To enjoy the process.

The ability to drown out the inner critic, to ignore the naysayers.


What you focus on, happens. What you expect to see, that’s what will be in front of your eyes.

Life is a mirror.

We are all our own prophets.

Our stories about who we are and what we are capable of influence what we do.

As they say,  there are no hopeless situations, only people who think hopelessly.


4 comments on “Focus

  1. plotmonster says:

    I believe this 100%. That is why it is so important to focus on your successes and not your failures.

  2. AJ says:

    I second this! It’s like the Law of Attraction, mind over matter. If you have your goal drilled in your mind and your very being . . . you are sure to focus and work hard on making it come to life.

  3. eurobrat says:

    Agreed. The daily hard work matters much more than the occasional flashes of inspiration.

  4. It’s hard to focus if you have no patience. Because a lot of people are not willing to put in the time associated with succeeding. It’s a clear case of opportunity meets preparation.

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