Never give up on your dreams

People like to dream. They like to imagine the life they want, the life they think they deserve.
They want to imagine a distant future, void of any struggle.

I have been writing for fourteen years. More than eight of those, I didn’t earn a dime. I didn’t receive much praise. Few people knew I wrote; most of them told me it was best to give up.

What kept me going?

What was it that motivated me to keep writing, even when it seemed that I’d never be able to do this full time?

I’ll let you ponder over these questions, let you analyze why some people give up when the going gets tough while others keep on fighting.


19 thoughts on “Never give up on your dreams

  1. this is very true. I think some people give up on their dreams because obstacles keep coming and they become disillusioned. I believe dreams and hope are important for us to be happy and continue aspiring and achieving.

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  2. Good point I guess, but keep this in mind :

    Become a businessman first, an extrovert/social butterfly second and an artist third. if your work isn’t God Tier and you’re not a business person with social capabilities you won’t make it.

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  3. Sometimes I guess it is good to know when to give up too. There is a very fine line between the two. But here is the thing. Your gut will tell you when to go on and when to hang up the boots. Deffo! If you are true and honest to yourself.


  4. Beautiful post. I had an amazing experience with the photograph. At first, they eye went directly to the negative, but then it opened to the whole impression, not just the vertical axis it has been trained to see. Thank you.


  5. Dreaming makes us feel alive. They not only give us hope, but they take us to a place far from the current. Dreamers are people who want something generally other than what they have at the moment. And feel they deserve more as well. And those that dream the hardest usually make these dreams come true. With opportunity meets preparation these dreamers prevail.


  6. Love what’s expressed in the picture — which can be read as artist = failure to the capitalist world — or artist =inspiring others and being able to change the world. Love your words too. Great post, Cristian Mihai!


  7. I saw this quote from Ray Bradbury the other day: “Quantity produces quality. If you only write a few things, you’re doomed.”

    Dreams deserve to be given an honest effort. If not, then why is it a dream? And it’s okay to change dreams. Maybe someone wants to be a painter, but finds it boring after a while. They would’ve never known without giving it an honest effort. However, if that person is a terrible painter, but loves the process, then by all means pour your heart into it! You’ll find your voice.

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  8. You are so true in saying never give up in your dreams.Its a fairy common quote but it’s takes a lifetime of strength and resilience to stick to it.I will book mark you post for one of those days which try to make me feel otherwise.Thanks for liking my post too.

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