We’re all strong enough to endure someone else’s tragedy.

I used to add this line to every single one of the novels I wrote.

It seems to me that the most technologically advanced era in human history is one of isolation and desensitisation.

What I mean by that?

Walk into any coffee shop or bar and you’ll see folks reading news on their phone (it used to be newspapers, now it’s social media), TV preaching all sorts of tragedies, fires, deaths, and chaos.

It seems the world is busy 24/7 on destroying itself.

Of course, this is but a biased perspective thay we are being fed, but nonetheless…

It’s what we see all around us. Despair. Violence. In movies, art, video-games, news, you name it.

And whether or not it turns us into creatures of violence, I am quite certain it makes us less sensitive to our inner humanity. And that of others.

Simply put, deaths become statistics. Numbers. Meaninless information.

Everybody seems to have it really bad, and it seems impossible to find the time to relate to this on a human level.

We are so many that we feel utterly and inconsolably alone.

My own struggle is viewed in the same way, I think. People have a hard time understanding that I suffer immensely and that I need help and support.

I couldn’t go to my doctor’s appointment because I couldn’t raise the money I needed to do that. I am struggling to raise the funds that I need.

Spending more and more time in pain, in suffering, in sadness.

Someone who can’t chew, can’t sleep because of the pain, who can’t smile because he is hideous, is suffering.

It is painful.

It is even more painful to write about it, to have to ask for help, to lose my dignity in the process.

That’s how serious this is.

I need your help. If you are willing and able to.

You can help me out here.

Any amount you see fit. Any amount at all.

Only $200 left to raise.

I need your help.

I truly do.


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