Behind the scenes

People like to think of success as a singular event. It’s not.

It’s a multitude of steps.

You write novels one word at a time.

You paint one stroke of color at a time.

One step at a time.

One word at a time.

One struggle at a time.

It takes a lot of time, and patience, and effort.

Small efforts done over time.

We take the highlights reel as the absolute truth. We forget about what goes on behind the scene. 

The boring parts. The ones that no one claps for. The ones that are so easy to postpone; over and over again.

You know: the posts no one reads (or comments on), the stories that don’t make it, the paintings and drawings no one ever sees.

That’s what it takes to become great.

A lot of little steps.

As they say: little by little, soon a little becomes a lot.


8 comments on “Behind the scenes

  1. sigmund22 says:

    Agreed. I used to just visualize the goal. Thinking of the glory and praise that comes with achieving the goal. That’s how I always ended up giving up on my goals. This time around I decided to focus on the process and to be consistent, and lets just say things are a lot better. Great read and thanks for the motivation!

  2. AWETHENTIQ says:

    Overnight success is preceded by a very long night.

  3. When people talk about success and so on, I always remember when Huey Lewis and News got their Grammy award for best album. His acceptance speech said it all. “I want to thank all the folks in the bars, the College Campuses, and the county fairs who supported all those many, many years before we became an over night success.”

    What he was saying it didn’t just happen. It was a lot of hard work getting there and that they’d pay their dues.

  4. Enni says:

    love ur writings… :)

  5. This is true yet some people only see the now. They don’t see nor do they want to be apart of the climb. I write my blog posts every day as well as my short story books, novels, and screenplays. Writing is a lifetime commitment. And that greatness can only be achieved over time.

  6. Enele Ogah says:

    Thanks for the motivation. I had a good read.
    Nobody applauds a process, they only applaud results and a good results is determined by good preparation(the work done behind the scenes, where many people are not watching).

    Roses of Life

  7. Darruda says:

    Nice post, very inspiring :)

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