New video: On Failure


9 thoughts on “New video: On Failure

  1. Thank you for this. I really needed this. I’m on the verge of quitting to pursue the thing that I really love. I wanted to be a content / copywriter but I feel like I don’t have enough skills to be one. I went to an interview last Friday and that experience made me realize how unqualified I am. So, I decided to just try applying to the jobs that I know how to do, like customer service. But a part of me still wants to try. This just validated that want. So thank you.

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  2. Hey man, I really relate to what you have to say. Failure is something I have had to overcome several times before I finally was able to earn my degree in psychology, and currently again I am in a battle with life throwing a curveball. Lol it seems like it’s destined to be apart of my life, but I know it’s for a higher cause and a high purpose to stay humble for God. I’ve learned though if we want something bad enough, it takes multiple attempts and struggles. I pray you receive the feedback you desire and want. I believe everyone deserves success, and I know if you work at it enough, you believe in yourself, and refuse to give up, you will reach it! May God bless you and your YouTube channel. Prayers brother, I’d be more than happy to subscribe. We can do it bro👌🏻

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      • Anytime man, everyone needs encouragement and support. Not enough people hear it anymore, and that’s sad. People like you and I are the only reasons why there is even still light and hope in the world these days, and not all darkness. 2017 is a strange year for everyone, keep the light in the darkness, and you shall shine amongst it💪🏻💪🏻 Don’t stop the videos! Anytime you’d like to chat about life, psychology, ect. shoot me a comment on a blog I enjoy hearing others’ perspectives and discussing.

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