“I have Stage IV Cancer. I may well only have 6 to 8 months to live. So I value time more than ever before. I only do what is important and worthy of my time.

Jazz was worth my time.

Jazz has a passionate plot, witty dialogue, and engrossing characters. This virtuosity is rich with what I call “word painting.” Vivid images appear off the text of my Kindle Screen. The author sculpts metaphors out his imagination and I find the results ensnaring.” – Bryan Edmonson, praise for Jazz.


One copy of each of my titles. Signed, delivered to your doorstep.

“This book was very unexpected. It made me think about what is means to be a writer, what the process of creation means not only to the creator but to those who are affected by what has been written. Much of what Mihai says here will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled to put words on paper.” – Cynthia Dumarin, praise for The Writer.



$69.99, international shipping included.

Too pricey?
Four signed paperbacks… I’d say it’s worth it.
Not sure?

“I was drawn in after reading the first page. Being a “hopeless” romantic I could empathize with both characters but I felt a connection with “him”. The authors description of loneliness, excitement, regret and pain is so intense, I became emotional while reading. It is gripping, honest and touching. Beautiful story…” – Melanie Lawson, praise for 2:22 AM.

If you’d like to purchase a book bundle, you can do so on my e-store here. All payments secured by PayPal.


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