New Release: Memento Mori

Hi guys,

I’m am excited to announce a new release.

Memento Mori.

A compilation of short essays about life, death, and what happens in between.


During the Roman Empire, whenever a general would be successful in battle and return home, he would be awarded a triumph, a celebration on the streets of Rome. It was his moment of glory. All the pain and suffering faded away in that moment, because an entire city cheered for him, and in doing so, they created a moment that gave away the delicate illusion of perfection, as if their cheers and claps were capable of morphing a man into a god. But there was a catch. At all times, the general had behind him a slave, whose sole task was to whisper to his ears these two words, “Memento mori.”

Remember that you are mortal. A mere man. No matter how successful, how cheered for, how strong, you are still only human. And you’re going to die.

You are going to die. This, I am afraid, is one of the few inevitable truths. A bitter one, indeed. You are going to die, and yet you don’t see too many folks huddling in a corner, crying about it.

This certainty should terrify us, should it not?

And yet we could around, being busy about our lives, without being aware of our impending deaths.

How can such a thing be? Why?

The thing is, we never forget. Our own mortality and its inevitability are ingrained in our very being. We may not be aware of it consciously, but our subconscious minds never forget. Of course, everyone from saints, sinners, to philosophers and psychologists have tried to figure things out for a while, and they’ll do so in the future.

What I am trying to write about is my own philosophy. Someone who’s been confronted with his own mortality early in life, someone who nearly died a couple of times…

And, no, it’s not about huddling in a corner and asking for a blanket.


Memento Mori available on Amazon for $0.99. Buy here.



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