“It is better to believe in men too rashly, and regret, than believe too meanly. Men could be more than they are, if they would try for it.”Mary Renault

They say we should always be kind to others, for we all suffer in our own ways. We carry around people we lost, pain, regret, lost opportunities, a dying hope for what will no longer be. All these feelings and emotions, and yet we manage to function. We smile and we talk with others, hiding our pain behind masks.

I often say that the past should be a place of reference, not one of residence.

If you choose to live in the past, thinking about what went wrong, what you could have done better, than you’re just wasting your time. I’m sorry, but it’s true. No amount of guilt, of overthinking, will ever resurrect the past. What is done is gone.

What matters most is what you chose to do from this moment forward. If you choose to keep fighting.

Life happens to all of us. It’s inevitable. We all learn to lose, to fall. But few ever learn to learn from those losses, to fight back, to get back up. That is the magic of life: the ability to get back up and face your fears and go at it again and again and again until the job gets done.

You just can’t beat a guy who never gives up. You can’t.

That’s greatness. That’s what you already have and should be using it to pursue your dreams and aspirations. No matter what.

Whatever it is you decide to do in this life, make sure you don’t settle for less than what you truly desire. Make sure you keep your head high and tell others that you’ve done your best. Give a hundred percent, day in and day out, and the Universe will get out of your way.

It’s that simple. And that complicated. That easy and that difficult.

When those days hit you, when you just don’t want to wake up, when you don’t have the inner strength to get out of bed, when you just want to roll over and die or huddle in a corner and wait for some miracle to happen, those are the days when you have to remind yourself of who you are and what you want to achieve.

What is your passion?

What is your purpose?

What makes you feel most alive?

Why are you here?


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