“The one perfectly divine thing, the one glimpse of God’s paradise given on earth, is to fight a losing battle – and not lose it.”

Life is a war.

You have to fight to get what you want, you have to fight to become the person you want to be. You have to fight to put food on the table, to be fit, to accomplish goals, to take care of your body.

The hustle, as they say, never ends.

Of course, you might be inclined to use one of lfie’s many crutches: to have someone else take care of your needs, to dream of retirement, to dream of winning the lottery or reaching Heaven.

Those are lazy ways of thinking and going about life.

Here and now. That’s life. It’s not about tomorrow, for it has yet to come.

Life is what happens right here, right now. And life is a war, a constant battle for what you want.

Make no mistake, each time you think otherwise, life will punish you.

It’s just how it is.

Plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead.

Until then… hustle and struggle and fight for your dreams and ideas and goals.

“Do not believe that others will die, not you…. I have wrestled with Thanatos knee to knee and I know how death is vanquished. Man’s immortality is not to live forever; for that wish is born of fear. Each moment free from fear makes a man immortal.” – Mary Renault



8 thoughts on “War

  1. Life is war.

    And the amazing thing is people have a lot of excuses for not engaging in it. The one I always heard was that you’re the wrong ethnic type, “Translation “You’re just a dumb Mexican!”.

    That was a lie of course (the tag on my uniform read U.S. Army, and most folks from Mexico I’ve encountered are pretty sharp.. They have to be, they understand the idea no one is going to give them anything.).

    It would have been real easy to have just settled for the same old, same old. But thank God I had other good examples. My coach who proved to me that brawn and brains do mix well. And old Catholic Priest that taught me courage can be a gentle thing. An old marine turned Sheriff that taught me that toughness is as much a state of mind as anything else. And the Army who gave me that overcome, improvise, and adapt philosophy.

    My family might have disagreed with me sharply on all that, but on the other hand I’m the only one who’s life has great stories in it.

  2. It reminds me of a song I loved listening while growing up. The gist of the song was Life is a battle in every step of the way and you are not a winner or a looser but a warrior in every step of the way.

  3. A very hard truth, very hard, but one that should be a part of us every moment we wake, or go to sleep. Especially when all you want to do is stop and rest because everything feels too tiresome.

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