October Free-Ebooks: Dream City and Other Stories

First line from Dream City

I keep a small revolver tucked under my pillow. Every morning, I wake up and grab the little device and turn it on all sides. I inspect it as if its power of destruction could be easily comprehended.

Random line from Dream City

Art is more important that we care to admit, more important that we are capable of processing. Art, not religion, not science, is what’s keeping us from setting this world on fire. Art is what makes us truly human.

First line from Good Morning, Paris

Everything she did carried with it the solemn grace of a ritual. Her mornings were alike, but never the same.

Random line from Good Morning, Paris

She collected first kisses… she was looking for the right man to kiss her in just the way she had imagined back when she thought fairy tales had once happened for real.

First line from A Sad, Sad Symphony

Old Francisc Goyer had been working on his symphony for too long to even remember. It was supposed to be his masterpiece, his magnum opus. At times he was afraid, and with some reason, that he might never finish it.

Random line from A Sad, Sad Symphony

“No, no.” The man shook his head. “An artist will never be happy.”

First line from No More Time

Here we are, holding hands, staring down at the dark, endless abyss. Here we are, standing at the edge of forever. Time does not exist here.

Random line from No More Time

Time. That’s the only thing we truly care about. And it’s never enough…

First line from The Sea

Beautiful butterfly. So precious, so fragile. Its wings colored in orange, red, white and black. With a determination worthy of heroes, the little creature kept flapping its wings, flying with the strong wind that blew from the sea.

Random line from The Sea

“Twenty three years of calm seas, William. That’s not what fascinating tales are made of,” Clark said.

First line from Heroes

The first thing you realize when a bullet pierces  your flesh is that nothing lasts forever. And when your body hits the pavement you realize the second one. The most lasting truths are actually lies.

Random line from Heroes

We were neither martyrs, nor heroes. We just didn’t expect to come back home alive. As we made our way towards the city square, our eyes darted around the town with greed, as if we wanted to take with us, in the Afterworld, a small piece of the country we loved.


Most of the stories deal directly or metaphorically with death or the thoughts of death, and simultaneously with the meaning of our individual lives. What do we want to leave behind? What do we want to take with us? But these themes are not so obtuse that they overshadow the storyline or the rich characters you will find in this book. I’m definitely eager to see what Christian Mihai’s other books have in store.

Dream City is a wonderful look into the heart of the artist and the realities of life.

The author knows the pain of being an artist, and he translates the emotion with so much art.


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