On goals

“You can’t hit a target you cannot see and you cannot see a target you do not have.”Zig Ziglar

When I thought about writing this post, I was convinced I should write about the reticular activating system – the part in your brain responsible for you noticing the same piece of clothing on just about everyone right after you buy it.

But I decided it was best to simply state the obvious: when you want something, truly want it, you’ll begin to notice all the little elements that can help you get it. The steps you have to take to achieve your goals.

It is rather simple.

If you do not know what you want, you do not know in what direction to go.

Why am I dedicating a post to this? It’s common sense, right?

Well, most times we kind of ignore the most obvious things about life. One of life’s many ironies.


5 thoughts on “On goals

  1. “I would rather be born blind than to have sight and lack vision.” Very well known quote from Hellen Keller. People want a map to success, but that map is designed and navigated by you. But once you find that thing you love your mind will open and you’ll start to connect dots you didn’t even know you could connect. So all your visions become recognized and turned into reality.

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  2. I love what you said about noticing something , my late mother told me once that girls with boyfriends sometimes notice girls without boyfriends and girls without boyfriends notice girls with boyfriends if they are unhappy in their situation, and sometimes you notice people like you when you are in a situation you like, like noticing all the pregnant ladies when you are pregnanat.

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