What is art?

I noticed this debate on the Internet for quite some time. What is art? People keep trying to figure it out. If writing is art, if not. How much money do you have to make to call yourself an artist? Or you have to have a certain amount of followers on social media, perhaps? Do you get a certificate from someone? Some proof of being an artist?

What is art exactly?

It’s all art. The way you dress, how you walk, how you talk. It’s all art. Poetry and philosophy and paintings and songs and movies and the soundtracks of those movies – sometimes even their reviews are art. Every joke ever made, every scribbled note, every photograph. All the fairy tales and the ballads and the legends.

It’s all art.

Architecture. City planning. A mathematical algorithm. A software program. A smartphone. The Internet.

The way the stars shine bright against the night sky. The sound of the rain. The smell of flowers on a summer afternoon.

This world, and everything in it.

It’s all art.

Every bit of beauty that was ever witnessed by another human being is art. Everything that ever made us forget ourselves in admiration, every little thing that took our breath away.

It’s all art.

And we’re all artists.


7 thoughts on “What is art?

  1. I would like to point out that if you were to go to school for things mentioned, they would be schools of liberal ARTS and the degree would be bachelors of ARTS. Art is a very broad topic and to a point it something in the eye of the beholder.

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  2. I’ve always believed that writing is art but there is a demand that it be “academic”. I personally believe writing changes just as much as modern art or other artistic expressions. That doesn’t give it a pass on criticism but maybe writing should be less strained on being like the classics or academic. Let modern writing be a good thing and then more people can start seeing its true potential of an artistic expression.


  3. If everything is art, the word “art” is meaningless. If everything was eggs, we’d just stop using the word “eggs”. In saying everything is art, we’re probably trying to say that everything can be art. So what does or doesn’t make it art.


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