Review: Blade Runner 2049


Art. Art film. Not movie, but film. An art film is supposed to be… what? This is what Blade Runner is supposed to be, I guess, even though I am not sure what is artistic about it. Maybe the scenery, the amount of time you’ve got to spend in front of a screen, or maybe it’s art because it is the kind of sad story that could break your heart if you gave a damn about any of the characters.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Blade Runner 2049

  1. What about the plot? Or the performance of the actors? Or the story line. Also, how much would you rate it out of 10. I have seen the old Blade Runner as a kid taped on the VCR by my dad so I was really hoping it would be great.

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    • Well. I’d say the plot is too long trying too hard to impress folks with twists and such. Dunno. It’s like a quest that yields less than satisfactory results, as if you were to embark on a strange journey towards a place that would lead you nowhere, not even back where you started.

      I’m not a big fan of rating movies. It’s much too subjective to put a number on it.

      Well, it’s not as bad as I made it out to be in the review. Some bits are worth it. And if you’d seen the first one, then go ahead with this one too.

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        • Yes. 3D. And, yeah, better way for the DVD. That way you can pause the damn thing if you need to go to the bathroom, fix yourself something to eat, or take a nap.

          I’m not that hyped about Justice League. I think DC is way behind on what Marvel are doing at the moment. So I am more excited to watch Thor this weekend.

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          • That’s why I meant :D hahahah All of the JL trailers have this such a dark horror movie vibe that has removed the charm we had for it back in the 90s and the 2000s when it used to air as cartoon. I don’t know why Snyder’s movies are DARK DARK DARK.

            Thor looks so epic. And yeah Marvel’s game is really strong. Have you been following the Fall TV schedule on Neftlix, Marvel’s turning up the heat. But as usual, they’re still struggling with the X-men franchise. SMH

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            • I think it’s got something to do with the success they had with the dark knight. But that was a one time thing, mostly dued to Heath Ledger’s brilliant performance. What a movie that was! So they keep trying to replicate that.

              Marvel did some bad deals with fox and they can’t use some of their best characters.

              And I did not get a chance to watch any of Netflix’s adaptations. I heard Jessica Jones is kind of nice. I think I must of watched the pilot episode for Luke Cage. It didn’t make me want to watch more.


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