closer: a novel

closer is the story of a man who is so seduced by the desire to get rich that he becomes involved in a world where anything is permitted. His journey to the top is interrupted by the consequences of his past actions. Things become darker, more violent and more sexually disturbing than he could ever have imagined as he tries to break himself free from his past.

Deft, shocking and unforgettable, this gripping tale about risk, consequence and the treacherous balance between the two reveals a world where there’s nothing to separate right from wrong.


If that description is not enough, I’d like to say that closer is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s more like a shot of whiskey. There are parts that describe certain aspects of beauty — the way we perceive something or someone around us as being beautiful — but then I insist on breaking your heart.

Stare at something long enough, there’s nothing magic left of it. Truth is, nothing in this world is as beautiful as we can imagine it.


She laughed. “I just want to be happy, you know?” She stood up. “To love and to be loved back. I want a happy ending to my story,” she said, moving restlessly around the room.
“You know what Orson Welles said about happy endings.”
“Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be happy. That was my first dream, and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped dreaming about my perfect ending.” She sat down next to me. “What was your first dream? Your first ambition.”
“When I was six, I was playing in my father’s office and found a brochure from a mall. On the back, it had the logos of all the companies that had a store there. And I thought, “How great would it be to own them all?” It took me a few seconds to decide that I wanted to become the richest man in the world.” –  excerpt from Jazz

This is Chris Packlem to you. Described by another character’s silly childhood ambition. Idealism pushed to the point of being the kind of naivety that either breaks your heart or gets you killed. Twenty first century Jay Gatsby. One of those people who fight to get something and are willing to sacrifice anything for it, and they never even ask themselves if it’s all worth it or not.

Chris Packlem images life as a great cantilevered staircase. You climb all the way to the top. You must do it. But the thing is, there’s always a price to pay. Someone to betray, some principle to break. Some part of you that you must leave behind. As if this great staircase demands that you forsake the most human parts of you in order to climb.


Dreams come true. That’s what self-help gurus keep telling you.
Oh, yes. Dreams come true.
But aren’t nightmares dreams too?


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closer: a novel (E-book)

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8 thoughts on “closer: a novel

  1. Sounds interesting!

    It’s true that some people are willing to do anything, even to the point of violence (even the criminal kind) to get what they want. But I’d like to believe that they’re the exception instead of the rule.

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  2. New to being an published author I’m excited to see emotions run through writers! I am a story teller I never considered myself a writer though! Cristian you said something’s that hit home for a lot of different traits! Awesome man for doing your own work within yourself! You are a excellent author and story teller! I will remember you words that’s the truth!

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