Five things you should do before starting a blog

So, you’ve decided to start a blog. Maybe because you believe there’s something you like to do, because you think it’s cool, or because you want to reach more people for a certain project.

These are five things you should do before you start blogging:

1. Find your passion.

No kidding. It sounds like one of those cliched lines that people tell you in lieu of actual advice, but it’s important you figure out what makes you feel alive. What makes you glad to be on this planet. A hobby, a certain vocation, something you care about. Why? Because someone else is going to care to. Also, because most people try to blog about things they feel are important or popular. Nobody cares. You need to care first, then you’ll make them care to. If you are not passionate about the subject matter of your blog, odds are that not many people will care.

2. Organize.

Decide on a schedule. How often are you able to post? What kind of posts? Choose a theme for your blog that is suited for your subject matter. Create a presence on various social media outlets. Choose categories, tags to use, widgets, and the kind of visual layout you like when it comes to posts ( this also depends on your subject matter)

3. Learn.

Reach out to fellow bloggers. Read other blogs from folks who write about the stuff you want to write. Ask for help. Ask for an opinion on what you have so far.

4. Build the right mindset.

I think it was Shakespeare who wrote that expectation is the root of all heartache. Build the right kind of mindset. Don’t waste think overthinking every little step. Just do it. Decide to persevere. Set yourself some goals and stick to them. Also, it’s important to know that nothing works the way you imagine it to. Nothing works the first few times. Count on it being a lot more difficult than you think it is. Remind yourself daily why you are doing this, what you expect to get out of it. Realize it’s an ongoing process. You can learn. You can evolve. You can adapt.

5.  Write your first post.

Enjoy. Have fun. Share it on all social media platforms. Tell all your friends. Go on. Just do it.


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