The Age of E-books


Humans are quite the inventors. What doesn’t exist, they can imagine into existence. When they need to achieve something, they try and try and try until they get it done. Then they work on getting it done faster and easier than before. Writing is one of our greatest inventions. Up there, in the hall of fame, alongside fire and the wheel and agriculture.

Writing has enabled us to record our history, to pas down knowledge and information. But like any other invention, writing has also suffered a number of changed during the five or so millennia since its invention. In Ancient Egypt they used stone or parchment, in Mesopotamia, clay tablets. These were replaced by the codex, which was similar to today’s books. They had to be handwritten and were luxury items. Then Guttenberg invented the press, making books more affordable.

Now it’s all changing again. For quite some time…

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One thought on “The Age of E-books

  1. I love ebooks. They have allowed me to find books I never would otherwise and saved so much space in the house already crammed with many books soft and hardcover. However, I think there are exceptions like the beautiful coffee table books that just aren’t the same when viewed in digital format, and I can’t think of a better gift than an actual book for an avid reader. I buy the classics in book format and still shop the bargain bin at my local bookstore. So actually, I believe we can embrace both worlds and not be worse for it.

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