Page 99: The Writer

thewriter_99Now it’s time for Jonathan Fisher to have a few minutes of fame.  Page 99 from the paperback edition of The Writer.

“We’re such hypocrites. No one wants a funeral audience of three guys, like Stendhal. That’s why I was relentless, that’s why no matter how many publishers turned me down, no matter how many people told me to stop writing and get a normal job, I didn’t listen.

When the entire world seems to reject you, that’s when your art becomes more important than ever. That’s when you write to live, not the other way around.

When silence overwhelms you, write a new story. When you feel that every moment in your life is a mistake, write a new story. When you feel that you’re so alone that you can’t even hear your own heartbeat, write a new story. When you want to cry because you’re helpless, sad, and angry, write a new story. You only have to destroy some characters, you just have to play God for a few hours. It’s so simple.

When you’re afraid to live your life, it’s easy to become just an observer, to think that everything that’s happening to you is just a dream; it’s so damn easy to turn reality into fiction.

In a way that’s the definition of an artist.

That’s why you don’t want a normal job. Because your art is an addiction like any other. The more you write, the more you want to write. The more you drown yourself in words, the less you feel alive.

The more you suffer, the better artist you become.

Every time you think about killing yourself, write a new story. It doesn’t matter if your stories are rubbish. All that matters is that they’re keeping you alive, they’re prolonging the agony.

Art is like morphine for those who no one loves.

If there’s anything good in me, it has to be the fact that I never give up. I never lose hope, no matter what.”


The Writer

Jonathan Fisher is used to being no one in particular. He is such a ghostly character that CCTV cameras won’t record him. The world doesn’t need him and most certainly doesn’t want him.

What he doesn’t know is that his life is on the brink of transformation.When his father dies, he realizes one thing. Being invisible isn’t such a great option.

What people are saying:

“This is by far one of the best books I’ve read this year. Mihai’s prose is both a delight to read and an easy read as well.”

“This is a great God Damned book. I have read the Author, Cristian Mihai’s series of kindle books and this is my favorite by far. Such wisdom and axiomatic metaphor for a young writer.”

Date published: 23rd of September 2012

Genre: Literary Fiction, Magical Realism

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