Fight for your dream

“Most people will spend their lives doing jobs that they don’t particularly enjoy, and will eventually save up enough money to stop doing those jobs just in time to start dying instead. Don’t be one of those people. There’s a difference between living, and just surviving. Do something that you love, and find someone to love who loves that you love what you do.
It really is that simple.
And that hard.”John Connolly

I believe that most of us crave adventure. We want our lives to make us feel. We crave the bittersweet excitement brought on by uncertainty.

But we also want safety. And comfort. Just enough.

We are torn between “more” and “just enough.”

And I also think that a lot of people waste their lives contemplating the idea of more but never pursuing it.

I think about Arthur Rimbaud. About all the wonderful artists I have met along the years who gave up on their art and settled for a job they don’t particularly enjoy.

Playing it safe is the cruelest ways to die.

Of course, some of you might think about being responsible…

Well, let me tell you this: you are going to die. There’s nothing tragic about it. It’s just a fact.

So you might as well do what the hell you want with your life.

We lie to ourselves just as much as we lie to others. We find excuses: to be lazy, to give up, to worry, to cry on someone’s shoulders.

But we pay for those lies. We pay for the lies we tell ourselves in the form of the lives we lead. In the form of the gnawing feeling of missing something and not knowing what it is; a feeling that will haunt us until the day we die, when we’ll finally close our eyes with way too many “what ifs” to find any sort of peace.

“You are what you love. No? You are, completely and only, what you would die for without, as you say, the thinking twice.”David Foster Wallace

What is worth dying for? To you? What is worth living for…

If you don’t know, I urge you to find the answer.

Figure out what is it that makes you feel alive, what you’d sacrifice the rest of your life for without a moment’s doubt.

It will all be worth it.


17 thoughts on “Fight for your dream

  1. Saying that this post is inspiring and motivating is an understatement.If only one person can start doing what he really wants in life after reading this, would be considered as a success for this writing.Keep up the good work!

  2. Profound questions, fundamental quotes. A VERY well written article. “Figure out what is it that makes you feel alive, what you’d sacrifice the rest of your life for without a moment’s doubt.”
    OK so that’s going to bewith me for the rest of the day… :-)

  3. Playing it safe is th
    e cruelest way to day, hell yeah, been there, done that, died a couple of times got up on my feet ready to sacrifice it all for a couple of my dreams to come true. Got nothing to loose , only to gain. Good writing, motivating and inspirational, keep up the good work !

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