And even angels have their demons

angelsThe truth is that at some deep unconscious level we’re all broken. The sad truth of this world is that we’ve all been broken, lied to, cheated, or left behind. We’ve all lost something and we all miss people we’ve never even met. We all attach a certain melancholic beauty to memories that never even happened.

There’s good and bad in every person you meet. There’s beauty in searching for the good parts, there’s something noble about pretending that their light is all you see.

But there’s a demon inside each and everyone of us.

It’s just a matter of perspective. The entire world is inside your soul, contain by your thoughts and your feelings. Nothing outside your self can truly hurt you unless you let it.

Simply put, life is a matter of choice.

You can choose love or you can choose hate. You can choose courage or you can choose cowardice. You can choose to be passionate, optimistic, full of life, or you can choose to be gloom and depressed and angry at all the people who hurt you in the past.

You can choose what you see.

There’s great freedom in being aware of that, for people often spend their days feeling as if they don’t have a choice. Indeed, we don’t have a choice over what happens in our lives and when, but we do choose what we think about those events. We are the only ones who derive meaning or pleasure from an experience.

But, of course, it requires a tremendous amount of energy to battle with your demons.

The hardest battle we fight is with ourselves. With our own negative beliefs and our self-imposed limits and what we perceive of being burdens of the past. What should come out of such a battle? A better you; in order to become the person you want to be you need to sacrifice who you are. You have to let go of the past, let go of those demons.

Change is not only possible, but necessary.

So, yes… we all have our demons. But they can be slain, no matter what we think about them any given day. It just takes time…


12 thoughts on “And even angels have their demons

  1. Really nice. And true. And pardon me for probably writing too much, but You call to mind a favorite story I heard while doing a work/stay at a Zen Monastery. One of the monks was saying that there was a Catholic priest who respected all schools of thought and would come now and again to give satsang. This Priest was apparently world-renowned and deeply beloved. The monk said the facility was packed. And out onto the stage comes the very benevolent looking Priest. He walked peacefully to the middle of the stage. Stood in sweet silence as he took in the room very lovingly. And then said, “Hello. I’m an asshole.” The room erupted in to shocked laughter and gasps. He let the moment ride. When things quieted he said, “You’re an asshole too.” Again the eruptions. He let them ride. When silence he came he said, “Why don’t You turn to Your neighbor and say….I’m an asshole.” So everyone did. “Great. So. We’re all assholes now and again. Every one of us. Let’s accept it, get over it, and get on with the business of learning to Love one another.”

    Crazy brilliant! :) Thank You for making me think and touching my heart. Cheers!

  2. Through life’s struggles one often gets so burdened that they dont take a step back to objectively look inside. The demons are for real and its in us to slay or be slain. Nice post

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