My writing setup

Some five years ago I wrote a similar post. This is the 2017 updated edition.

I sit at this desk some 14 hours a day, writing and blogging and reading all sorts of stuff. The Xbox is there ‘cause it looks nice; I turn it on once a month to update it and then turn it back off.

There’s a window behind that curtain. I usually keep the curtains like that. The sun hurts my eyes. Or maybe I’m a vampire. Think about it, I live in Romania.

The books I am reading right now on the desk. Dunno.

One of my favorite paintings – I have plenty of those.

I guess that’s it, pretty much.

What about your writing setup? Where do you write?


17 thoughts on “My writing setup

  1. My blog has, somehow, moved from longer blogs to shorter, much shorter, blogs and, so, I tend to throw things up from my phone.
    I’ve moved into my apartment now, though, in Colorado. Once we have a desktop, I believe I’ll be more attentive to my blog. Probably changing it up a little and operating within the paid version.


  2. Your chair looks so comfortable! I need a new one. Currently sitting at my unusually cluttered desk…candle burning in the background, dim room and notebooks/sketch books everywhere. Cheers to the writing


  3. It depends what kind of writing we’re talking about. If about blogging here on WP, then I definitely sit at my desk/ table filled with office stuff (calendars, pens, paper, etc.) and write on my laptop. However, anything else, I prefer to write on paper. Wherever I get inspired – on a bus, in bed, on the floor, in the tub, etc.


  4. I write using my iPhone. That way, I can compose posts, read other bloggers’ posts, write comments, and even catch up on the latest news wherever I am. Sometimes while in bed. Sometimes while watching TV in the living room. Sometimes on the bus. Sometimes, even, while sitting on the toilet. Is that TMI? Only occasionally will I actually sit down at my desk in front of my computer. So my writing setup is wherever my iPhone and I happen to be.


    • I do a lot of stuff from my phone too. I can, well, write short posts or approve comments or stuff like that. Kept this blog up for quite some time only using a phone. But more elaborate blog posts require a laptop. It’s easier that way.

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  5. Thank you for sharing, that looks very professional and tidy :)
    l write on a small laptop notebook, on my lap, mostly sitting in a recliner chair with my feet up and sometimes in bed, when the living quarters are too noisy for me to focus.
    Sitting in a desk chair hurts my posture and l end up getting neck and shoulder cramps interrupting my writing. Basically l get so involved with what l write, l forget what my body is doing and end up slouching and hunching over the keyboard.
    Sometimes l escape to a virtual world and write while there on notecards that l copy/paste to my blog when the post is finished. Keeping those notecards doubles as a backup and they are sometimes beneficial to hand out to other virtual world inhabitants that need advice or cheering up. l love listening to the soothing background music and/or nature sounds in my ‘home sim’ with beautiful virtual nature surrounding me there, inducing a calm and creative frame of mind.


    • Tell me about neck pain and all that. My lower back also hurts from sitting at this desk for as long as I do. I usually take short breaks and walk around the house like a lunatic, but that doesn’t help very much.
      I used to have a recliner back at the old apartment, but I found that it also hurt my back. I think everything’s made to hurt your back. We’re just not created to do other than stand and walk around.


  6. This post reminded me of my old studio. I find having a set place to do creative work helps get the work done. That said….right now I work on my kitchen table and/or anywhere I can find space to work. The important thing is to be doing the creative work.
    Enjoyed the comment about Romania and vampires. Very clever.

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