From Scratches, Too, Come Scars

Sharing God's Story

I have wounds, major and minor, which have healed to beautiful scars. They are a road map to my life.

Every slice, from the shallowest paper cut to the deep lines left by surgery, is a stroke of the Maker’s chisel; the Healer’s paintbrush. Of course, they hurt to different degrees when received.

But all leave the same white lines.

Consider my experience:

  • IMG_3680In the past twenty or so years, we’ve had six kitties with sharp needles for claws. We also added a dog. So here’s a typical scenario: cat startles dog, dog scares cat, cat digs into whatever he’s on for maximum escape velocity. Usually it’s me.
  • Mishaps with knives and other sharp things, accidental or not: from reflexively trying to catch a dropped kitchen slicer to intentional slashes (I once used my finger to test a razor blade I’d found.)
  • Invasive incisions from the inch-long fistula site (a joining of a…

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