Eight billion people

There are what? Eight billion people on this planet right now? Eight billion. Wow. More than ever. Living in the most comfortable conditions ever, having access to technology and medical care that a mere hundred years ago would have been inconceivable. The things we can do now… it just leaves you breathless, right?

We should have wings. We should. We should be proud of our achievements as a race and try to do more. We should love each other and protect each other and work hard on creating the kind of society that can achieve even greater things. We should believe that we are capable of anything. We should be concerned with living healthy lives, with being fit and strong and educated and well balanced. We should strive for greatness. We should inspire and let ourselves be inspired.

Yet, we don’t.

I am a part of the worst generation that has ever lived. Maybe you believe it or not. It doesn’t matter. You are part of it too. People who don’t have any kind of emotional resilience, people who don’t have the mental capacity to even consider ideas that challenge their beliefs. The kind of people who have opinions, because they’re not good enough to do anything else.

People who are insignificant yet act as if they’re entitled to something.

Comfort. This screws up most people.

This lethargy is consuming brain power, physical capabilities, and is responsible for depression, suicide, anxiety, and a bunch of other things.

We have become a hopeless society.

I’m not complaining. I’m simply stating a fact. It is neither in my powers, nor do I wish to change the world for the better. I am here to enjoy myself, which even that is an act of rebellion.

Whatever you do in this life will be insignificant unless you free yourself of all the debilitating beliefs that have plagued this society for a long time.

You are either a god or nothing at all. You choose. The world tries to defeat you, over and over again, but you only lose the fight when you give up.

Don’t give up.

Never, ever, ever, ever give up.

Unless you want to be insignificant. One out of eight billion. A blip on the radio. A speck of dust. A second.

One out of eight billion or one in eight billion. You get to decide.

I know which one I am.

Which one are you?


17 thoughts on “Eight billion people

  1. I agree with many things you say in this essay, Christian, particularly that the majority of people are living on perpetual turntable, so to speak, and not really achieving much in the way of progress of themselves nor of their lives. Self-improvement should be a priority for everyone. However, terms such as “success” or “value” are very difficult to define by objective parameters. Also, do consider the possibility that there is a rather large spectrum, in between “God status” and “nothing”, on which a person can lie?

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    • Yes. Success is self-defined. If you are happy, truly happy, then you are successful.

      And, yes, that spectrum is called average. It’s bad because we all have a limited time to spend here. Being average, not grasping for greatness, is simply a waste of time.

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      • That is a valid point and I agree that average is not something to strive for, it is something to get away from.

        Also, is lethargy really responsible for depression, anxiety, or suicide? If that is true, how does that explain the fact that there is a history of highly successful, busy, and intellectually engaged people who suffered from depression and/or some other type of mental illness? I’m not saying that one necessarily leads to the other. Rather, mental illness is very complicated phenomenon which is attributed to an interplay of various biochemical, physiological, social, and environmental factors.

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        • Because there are many kinds of lethargy? If you work hard and make a lot of money but all you ever wanted was true love, what’s stopping you from being depressed? Also, isn’t that lethargy also? Instead of acting and trying to fing true love, you’re just stuck, working yor ass off.

          Like I previously said. Success is self defined. You view them as successful. They thought otherwise.

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          • I did make some contradictions when I said “many successful people” after I had said that success can’t be defined objectively. I apologize for that. I guess in order to avoid such contradictions, I should have replaced the word “successful” with “made numerous concrete achievements” (be they movies, novels, or paintings). And you’re right, such people may not have viewed themselves as successful when put that way.

            When you initially used the word lethargy, I thought you were referring to intellectual or physical lethargy. But I stand corrected by your response. Thanks!

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  2. What you call comfort is what we often take for granted, which in turn, does not motivate us to do better.
    “People who don’t have any kind of emotional resilience…” that is what I struggle with greatly. I do not remember people not having the resilience 20 years ago, or even 10. Now… it is more normal to emotionally fall apart for no reason than fighting our emotions in the toughest of times.

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