Book Review: Little Girl Blues by J.N. McGhee

A book of poetry. The most difficult and most underrated form of art involving words.

Truth be told, and to paraphrase William Faulkner, all writers are failed poets. They aim to create the kind of beauty to be found in a poem.

This short book is an example of what a few neatly placed words can done, what can be achieved within the confines of letters and punctuation marks.

To use only words to create beauty, to evoke certain feelings, to make you feel something, that’s the closest thing to magic we still have.

Of course, this is the work of a young poet, which means that it is both ambitious and not without fault. Maybe those faults derive from ambition: there’s clumsiness in some parts, some metaphors seems forced or artificial or not at all that inspired.

Regardless, most of the poems are really good, some even better.

Overall, a pleasant and fast reading experience.


You can find Little Girl Blues: Existence of an Image both as paperback and kindle edition here.

Also, you can follow the author on Twitter or Instagram.


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Little Girl Blues by J.N. McGhee

  1. Wow, thanks a lot…..Hmmm…..I really just give up. 19+ years of writing my art, my heart, and soul. I should’ve just kept my poetry to myself. I see now that I was wrong and way over my head. So Indie Author support, lol…right.


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