Against it all…

the unreal“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”Henry Ford

Do you ever feel helpless? Do you ever feel angry because of that? Do you ever feel as if the entire universe is conspiring against you? That no matter how hard you try, it’s as if you’re going to fail?

Ever since I was a little boy I hated myself. I was too shy, too awkward around people, too scared to say what I wanted to say. Then I grew up, and I became too much to handle for some people. Too different, I suppose.

All I could see were flaws, actually. I was becoming more and more frustrated because of that. I was afraid people would see me just the way that I saw myself. Which never really happened.

But still… I fought on.

Against all odds, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a published writer. Against all odds, I actually got around my problems and my insecurities, and I accepted myself as I really am.

Flawed. Imperfect.

I am who I am because I choose to be this person. Not because I want this or that person to like me, not because I want to fit in. I am who I am because it feels good to be me, it feels good to be different.

Everything that happens to you, everyone you meet… all these will change you. But you get to choose, even though at times it doesn’t seem like it.

You are not what happened to you.

You are what you decide to become.

Against all the suffering and the bitterness and the anger and the pain and the heartaches.

Or with them…

You can let your pain spill over and affect others, or you can fight that pain on your own…

Your choice.

This is what life is all about. Remarkably simple. You can choose, and those choices alone build the person you are.

That’s it. Life’s not cruel; no one’s against you. It’s just your choice to believe so. It’s your choice to think like that. And that is a decision that would much rather destroy you than build you up.

I used to think like that. That the world was a stupid place. A bad place.

But it’s not like that.

The world is as bad or as good as you want it to be. Or as big. Or as small.

You can choose.

Never forget that. You can choose what you see, you can choose what you feel or think about the things that you see. You can shape your reality, you can shape your experiences in such a way that you can make the best of everything.

You can become who you want to be, do what you want to do, as long as you understand that you’ll have to fight for it.

You can choose to live in the past, and become bitter and remorseful, or you can choose to be anxious about the future…

Or you can simply enjoy the moment, with all that it brings.

Life’s a matter of choice, but there’s one thing we have no say over: if you want to do something, have something, be something, you’ll have to put up a hell of a fight.


I am not giving up so easily.

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