What we want vs. What we need

The human body needs just four things: food, sleep, water, and sex.

Ever had all four and yet felt unhappy? Felt as if life was supposed to be more than what you had, you were supposed to be more than what you were?

Yeah, every single person on this Earth felt it at one point or another.

From a certain point of view, life has only one purpose: reproduction.

From another point of view, life is all about survival. To ensure survival, it has to adapt to changes in the environment, thus is has to evolve.

Could it be that, ultimately, life’s purpose was to create an individual, not only capable of adapting to its environment, but also capable of altering it if it need be?

Man was never designed to merely survive or adapt to his circumstances.

Man was designed to thrive.

Hence, this gnawing sense that life is supposed to be more.

Of course, most people try really hard to ignore this. They want comfort. Security. Safety. They get a job, get married, have kids. They hate Mondays, wait for Friday, wait for summer.

Man was designed to reach for the stars.

Failure to do so kills you every single day before you die.

What am I really saying?



Overcome obstacles.

That’s what we truly need.

To become better, to make the world around us better.

That’s what it means to be human.

Of course, most people don’t do this, because it’s easier not to.

But you should, and you must, spread your wings and learn to fly.

You’ll fall a couple of times, and, most probably, no one will bother to pick you up, because everyone’s too busy watching TV.

Man was designed for greatness.

He has to pay the price, of course. To walk down a road paved with suffering and pain.

At the end of it?



12 thoughts on “What we want vs. What we need

  1. Don’t you get tired of being so philosophically heavy all the time? Maybe it’s just a phase. I remember when I was your age I’d dwell down in the pit of existentialism for weeks. Then I’d get drunk, go on some crazy trip somewhere and remember that no matter how much philosophy I poured into my mind, it didn’t really change anything.

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  2. Man should have looked more closely at his job description in his contract in the beginning. It said, or words to the effect, your purpose here is to witness life. Without you, the others here don’t know they’re living. They’re born, they live a short while, they die, they forget. That’s a plain shame. Be their witness, you are probably the last in a long continuous line. Oh, and by the way, don’t touch anything!

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  3. My Son-in-Laws sister is a bit of a Free Spirit. She’s hitch hiked across the world, lived in places most of us would be lucky to ever have visited, taught English in foreign countries, climbed mountains, trekked across deserts, speaks countless languages, faced incredible dangers, and worked with people most of us have just read about.

    And they look at her as a failure.

    I told him once that when she’s a hundred and in the old folks home, she’s going to be the most interesting person there,. When she’s talking about facing a blizzard in Nepal, all most of us can lay claim to is “I showed up for work everyday”.

    Get out there and live your life. Give it the best shot you can. This is a temp gig anyway, so make the most of it.

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