The Unimaginable

A Light Circle

As the year draws to a close, it seems only natural to review the most memorable events of the past 365 days. Politically, culturally, ideologically, it has been quite a roller coaster. Many of us have continuously found ourselves in surreal places this year—places we never could have imagined, back when the future was just a cool, glossy picture of technological advancement.

“Did you really think it was all going to be flying cars, slick monotone bodysuits and edgy haircuts?” I ask 1990’s me.

“Kind of. Realistically, perhaps in a hundred more years, but not this. Not at all like this!” I snap back. (90’s me was a bit snarky.)

Many of us grew up believing that our society was indeed progressing, moving inevitably towards equality for all, that the gross indignities minorities and women had suffered would no longer apply to us, least of all, to our children…

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