New video: Nihilism (Kind of)


2 thoughts on “New video: Nihilism (Kind of)

  1. I try to live life and enjoy things. As I get older I find it more and more difficult to find peace and calmness in a world that is consumed by nastiness and people who want to disagree with me just because they can. I try to surround myself with people who want to have their own views and let me have mine but they are getting fewer and fewer.


  2. The Western world I live in is too obsessed by hiding death, especially to the children. When somebody in the family dies, for instance, the adults often say: “She or he is gone” when actually that person is dead. I think this is a great mistake because if we overprotect children they will not be able to tolerate any little or big frustration. As soon as we are born we start to die because each day gets closer to our death. As you say, there is no other way but acceptance and how we deal with that. Catalan philosopher Josep Maria Esquirol says life is about intimate resistance. He shows us how the true care of oneself offers warmth to those who are at the edge, protecting and guiding them along the way. “We have to consider intimate resistance as the name of an experience, typical of the region of proximity [region is here a metaphor]; It is not a one-day visit, but a regular stay. Today, staying in this region is not flat. Proximity is not measured in meters, nor in centimeters. Its opposite is not the distance, rather the monochrome ubiquitous of the technified world. We have seen how daily life and gesture of the house are the most important modes of the experience of proximity ».

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