TMM: Good Writers


3 thoughts on “TMM: Good Writers

  1. I loved reading the post! I particularly liked the way you’ve put it as ‘approaching a blank piece of paper every time like a humble servant!’ I think it’s an apt description for the humility you need as a writer.

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  2. I’m a much better writer now that I ever was. I think life had a lot to do with it.
    To explain that comment, I have to tell a story. It seems there was this amazing singer at the local university. She was giving a concert, and two famous conductors went to hear her sing. During the show, one turned to the other and commented that she had an amazing voice.
    “Yes,” answered the other, “but she’ll sing so much better once her heart is broken.”
    That’s how I can say I’m better today than I ever was. I know what fear fills like. I know what it’s like to be betrayed. And I know what love really is.
    I can put that into my stories now. And it’s becomes real.

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