Are writers crazy?

crazyOr artists in general?

I’m sure this is not your usual Friday type of post, and I could easily answer with another question: who isn’t? And then I could go back to writing and stuff.

Instead, I’m going to write an actual post. About crazy writers. And stuff.

So here goes nothing.

One of my favorite definition of insanity goes like this:

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

What do writers do, over and over again? We procrastinate… uhm… write. Yes, that’s the answer. And painters paint, musicians play their instruments, sculptors sculpt. And we do so over and over again.

It’s called perseverance, and it’s responsible for artists actually getting stuff done. And according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (and the movie Hitch), perseverance is:

“continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition.”

You could rightfully say that you can persevere without doing the same thing over and over again, but trying different methods of achieving your goal.


But the routine is pretty much the same. You sit at a desk and you write.

Some people think of artists as crazy folks, because most of them are prone to addictions and depression, and they usually lead a pretty eccentric (or ascetic) lifestyle.

But it’s not a rule or a requirement, and I’m sure that most artists are normal. What I’m inclined to believe though is that artists see things differently. The see the world in a way most people are either  incapable or unwilling to see it.

And we feel strongly about things that most people don’t even care about, we take our time admiring the beauty of life. Maybe that’s a nice definition: artists are crazy because they’re passionate about life.

Perhaps it’s difficult to stay sane in a world like this one, especially when you take in so much, when you seem to observe and absorb too much at the same time.

I strenuously believe we’re all a bit mad. We’re neither equals, nor the same. And we want what we want and we do what we have to do, and we all have our regrets. We don’t live in a black and white world, we never did.

So maybe we all have our moments of insanity, when we feel that life’s not fair, when all we want to do is roll over and die. Or set the world on fire.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.


All artists want to change the world. Lie to yourself all you want, lie to me or to everyone you know, but deep down you know it’s true. Some of us never have the courage to purposefully try to change the world, but we still hope that we might.

And normal people don’t think like that, don’t wish for that. Normal people tend to be realistic; and realists want a better job, a bigger house, a faster car. They want stability more than anything else.

But what do we want?

We want to become great at what we do, we want to change the world, to fight against an evil we can’t see. We want to leave something behind, we want to build great things that will last forever. We want to live our lives in such a way that our names will endure long after our bones have turned to dust.

All artists are idealists. Maybe that’s crazy, maybe it’s not, but I do know one thing: crazy or not, the world needs us. Like they say, without art Earth would be just “eh.”


46 thoughts on “Are writers crazy?

  1. The closing sentence drives me crazy.
    The first time I read it, I loved it. Agreed with it.
    Then, I thought to myself: “But “art” is such a general term. Wouldn’t there be SOMETHING that would be considered art? Is it even possible for there not to be art?”
    The final stage was sadness… Is that not we are heading right now? For some reason, I consider there to be less “art” now than a decade ago. And it feels to me that the current idea of “art” distorts it so much that I no longer consider it that. (Say what you will, selfies are not art.)

    So there, thanks for messing with my already messed up brain. Feel free to reconcile my above mentioned madness.

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  2. I agree with you on this Cristian. Artists in general (writers include) tend to over think on everything and have frenetic mind. They are susceptible to getting depressed. It happens to me and I am struggling with it. Trying to compartmentalise my thoughts and get out of depression. I also see the whole differently.

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  3. Are writers a bit crazy? I had to stop and think about that answer and tehn realized the only possible answer was, “Not only yes, but hell yes”.
    While most of what I write has one foot bedded firmly in reality, the rest of it isn’t. I mean I have people who never existed, discussing something that happened in my life (Only I’ve stepped back and fictionalized it a bit – often items just changing just the names – Hey, if Dragnet could get away with it, so can I), and they’re coming at it from two, maybe three different viewpoints
    If that isn’t nuts, I don’t what is.
    I guess it’s as Jamie pointed out, by putting it into our writing, we can often times see things differently. In my case, I’ve found it to healing.

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  4. Rings a bell here…! 😉😄

    Artists are not crazy but they have this good dose of unusualness that makes them able to perceive, sure, but most of all to make us perceive beyond the paper or the drawing. The Ancients thought it was a gift of God, and somehow it has to be beyond what is considered human capacity… that’s why real artists are immortal…

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  5. SOME PEOPLES SAY ALL THE ARTISTS PERSON ARE CRAZY, AND SO MANY PEOPLES THINKS THEY ARE COMPLETELY DAMAGED IN PAIN. That’s why it’s feels so realistic. But when I see the unique arts(writings, paintings, sculpts, or anything else) I can see that the person had tried to visualize the same world with a different view. I agree with you on this cristain that all the best artist of the world had a touch of madness. But with that they had different view n approached to life which make there lives and their art creative.

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  6. If writers are crazy then it’s a good crazy, the dedication to get better despite going through the motions is always worth it in the end. I feel like writers have channel a bit of unusualness to create the worlds that their books immerse people in.

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  7. It’s perfectly okay to be ‘crazy’, if that means ‘out-of-box’, ‘don-t-shove-things-down-my-throat’ traits! I love that ”crazy’ that means you can’t put me in a box, or predict my every action! It’s the kind of crazy that rejects status quo and asks the hard questions. yeah, writers can be crazy. Proud to be one of them!

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  8. Artists and writers (particularly those who write long-form, like novelists) are, in my experience (personally as a novelist and second-hand, by observing my many artist and writer friends), generally more sensitive, creative, introverted, and independent-minded than most non-artists and writers, more driven (sometimes obsessively so) to complete creative projects (even if they will produce no money), and more prone to be frustrated by suffocatingly pointless activities (working at any job where becoming “a mindless cog in the machine” is normal). In other words, crazy.

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  9. I think a lot of people think they’re writers,,,and they really can’t write, but they keep posting intellectual hiccups and applauding one another online. Yup, I think THAT’S crazy, but I have to say, you are one of the few who can actually write. Keep it up!

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  10. Thought provoking post. I absolutely agree, true artists and writers are crazy but that kind of crazy is good. Crazy means you care about life. There should be more crazy in this fucked-up world. Real creatives are constantly searching for truth. They try to dismantle the lies and greed that surrounds us. Thanks for this post. It’s made my day!

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  11. That a great post!!! Man, Your sentence “I strenuously believe we’re all a bit mad.” is brilliant. And I’d never heard that saying that “Without art earth would be just “eh”. Wow. We all need to hear this now and again. To be reminded we’re okay. It was almost as fun reading the comments as it was You very helpful words. Cheers to You and All of Us! And I agree with You, I think everyone on this here planet is a little bit nutters. 🤗😁

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  12. It was so great to stumble upon this post and comments and realize that others think like me!
    “And we feel strongly about things that most people don’t even care about, we take our time admiring the beauty of life. Maybe that’s a nice definition: artists are crazy because they’re passionate about life.”

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