Hemingway’s six word short story

six_wordYeah, I know there’s no proof that he actually wrote it, but it’s still one of the most impressive sentences ever written. When I first read it, I spent half an hour imagining all sorts of plausible scenarios. I even thought about expanding the thing and write a real short story.

Maybe that’s one the most impressive qualities of art: makes your mind wander, makes you imagine and consider things you normally wouldn’t.


11 thoughts on “Hemingway’s six word short story

  1. I can’t describe the shock I was in when I saw your post, Christian. yesterday, I and my husband were discussing about the power of words and he brought up this exact quote by Hemmingway. Having gone through a loss of an unborn child in my life, I was moved to tears.I still can’t believe today you wrote around it. It’s a very moving quote.

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  2. My first time reading Hemingway’s six word short story. It’s so thoughtful! Several years ago I wrote a poem, “Baby Shoes” and included it in my book, “From Mess to Message.” I had so much to say about baby shoes because during the time I wrote the poem I was relearning how to walk after a devastating injury. Thank you for blogging Christian. Hope you’ll “park and pray at 1:11 pm” in Spirit with us.

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