Hemingway’s six word short story

six_wordYeah, I know there’s no proof that he actually wrote it, but it’s still one of the most impressive sentences ever written. When I first read it, I spent half an hour imagining all sorts of plausible scenarios. I even thought about expanding the thing and write a real short story.

Maybe that’s one the most impressive qualities of art: makes your mind wander, makes you imagine and consider things you normally wouldn’t.


11 thoughts on “Hemingway’s six word short story

  1. I can’t describe the shock I was in when I saw your post, Christian. yesterday, I and my husband were discussing about the power of words and he brought up this exact quote by Hemmingway. Having gone through a loss of an unborn child in my life, I was moved to tears.I still can’t believe today you wrote around it. It’s a very moving quote.

  2. Christian, your comments and all other comments moved me more…
    What we see, what we read and what we comprehend are so much shaped by everything around… in this case, all comments above!!!!

  3. My first time reading Hemingway’s six word short story. It’s so thoughtful! Several years ago I wrote a poem, “Baby Shoes” and included it in my book, “From Mess to Message.” I had so much to say about baby shoes because during the time I wrote the poem I was relearning how to walk after a devastating injury. Thank you for blogging Christian. Hope you’ll “park and pray at 1:11 pm” in Spirit with us.

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